"Brilliants - the smart purchase: why quality doesn't always have to mean expensive"

As a symbol of elegance and timeless beauty, diamonds have been an integral part of exquisite jewelry for centuries. But when buying a diamond, many are faced with a decision: should it be an expensive diamond of the highest quality or a medium to good quality diamond?

As a member of the Vienna Diamond Club and with many years of experience in the diamond trade, we can assure you that it often makes more sense to purchase a medium to good quality diamond than a high, expensive diamond.

Firstly, medium grades are less expensive and can still display amazing brilliance and beauty. Brilliant ones with growth marks that are still visually appealing often offer excellent value for money. So you get a beautiful stone at a more affordable price.

Second, the resaleability of medium to good quality diamonds is often higher than that of expensive, high quality diamonds. The market for the highest quality diamonds is limited and often requires a specialized buyer. Medium to good quality diamonds, on the other hand, are more in demand and can be resold more easily.

The art of buying a brilliant is finding a stone that is visually appealing but has small growth marks. These features, often invisible to the naked eye, reduce the price but do not necessarily detract from the stone's visual impact.

With years of experience and access to the diamond exchanges, we can help you find the perfect brilliant to suit your unique needs.

In summary, buying a medium to good quality diamond is often the wiser choice. Not only do they offer excellent value for money, but they also offer greater resaleability and versatility. Don't just be guided by quality, consider all aspects to find the perfect diamond for your needs. With our support, you can be sure that you are making the right decision.

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