"Laboratory Diamonds: Sustainable Luxury or Brilliant Illusion?"

A fresh wind is blowing in the world of gemstones, which at first glance opens up new perspectives: laboratory diamonds. Touted as an eco-friendly and ethical alternative, these gemstones are a hot topic of conversation. But are lab diamonds really an equal option to their natural counterparts?

As your trusted gemstone experts, we would like to take an in-depth look at this topic with you today.

The Value Question: Natural Diamonds vs. Lab Diamonds

The first difference most people notice is the price. Lab diamonds are usually less expensive than natural diamonds. However, these price differences could lead to a misjudgment of the true value of diamonds.

Why? Natural diamonds make value-added and resellable investments, while lab diamonds are considered "gems" whose price is more dependent on current market sentiment, plus lab diamonds can be produced in a short time and in large quantities. This almost limitless availability could reduce their long-term value and make them less attractive as an investment.

Their beauty is unquestionable, but they lack the rarity and millions of years of history that make natural diamonds so special.

Manufacturing and Environment

In the case of laboratory diamonds, the focus is on technical progress. While their production is impressive, it also requires a lot of energy and therefore leads to a carbon footprint that should not be underestimated.

In contrast, natural diamonds today offer an ethically responsible alternative. Thanks to the Kimberley Process, an international certification system that prohibits the trade in conflict diamonds, we can fully trace the origin of our natural diamonds. This ensures they are conflict-free and workers' rights are upheld.

The human component

It is important to remember that natural diamond mining is a significant source of income for many people in diamond producing countries. Industry certainly benefits from the production of laboratory diamonds, but it could come at the cost of the livelihoods of the people who depend on diamond mining. This is a worrying development that we take seriously.


You will only find natural diamonds with us at the moment, but laboratory diamonds are also available on request and we always offer the latter with an accompanying certificate. This is how we ensure a clear distinction between the two. Thanks to the latest technology, we are now able to distinguish laboratory diamonds from natural diamonds.

Ultimately, natural diamonds have unparalleled value because of their rarity, value-added properties, and emotional connection to the earth and history.

Laboratory diamonds, on the other hand, are a practical and inexpensive option, but do not achieve the same value for the reasons mentioned.

In any case, we are at your side as experts. We are here to offer advice, tell you more about the differences between natural and lab diamonds and help you make the best decision for your needs.

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