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Wedding ring manufactory Rauschmayer

Since 1963, the Rauschmayer wedding ring manufactory has been developing and producing high-quality rings with their brand-typical quality feature - the embossed lucky doves, which stand for peace and well-being, for love, luck and loyalty. We want to commemorate this feeling of connection - that's why we have engraved the symbol of the two doves into every single wedding ring since 1963.

wedding rings

The choice of wedding rings is probably the most important and most lasting decision in planning your wedding, because the rings are the only thing next to your partner that will remind you of this day for a lifetime and is symbolic of your love. This should not only determine your budget but also also the decision of the rings themselves. It is all the more important to take your time and choose carefully and attentively.



Design your personal wedding rings from scratch. Combine different alloys, widths, surfaces, colors and diamonds with each other. Whether noble platinum with warm gold or romantic rose gold, whether high-gloss or matt sand with sparkling diamonds - there are almost no limits to your wishes.

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